Dana Driscoll's Professional Website

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric at Oakland University and the CCCC Memberweb editor. For more information about Oakland University's department of Writing and Rhetoric, view our website here. My current students should use our class Moodle site.

For more information on the CCCC Memberweb and my work as CCCC Memberweb Editor, please see my introductory letter.

I specialize in transfer of learning, empirical research methodologies, writing across the curriculum, writing centers, WPA, and technology and writing. I am currently working on several research projects.  My primary research emphasis is on the transfer of knowledge; specifically examining the role of student attitudes and metacognition in the transfer of learning with an emphasis on first-year composition. Findings from this research were recently presented at the CCCC 2010 and IWAC 2010 conferences.  I am beginning my second phase of this longitudinal research program at Oakland University in the Fall 2010 semester.  It is my hope that this work will help create more effective writing pedagogies for facilitating the transfer of writing knowledge across the curriculum.

I am also working on a collaborative project examining the amounts and status of research within Writing Centers. I am collaborating with a colleague in Special Education to examine more effective ways of assisting special education students in transferring their literacy practices from high school to college writing contexts.

In the Fall 2010, I am teaching WRT 360: Global Rhetorics and WRT 150: Composition I (Social Science Learning Community/Connections Section).   In the Winter 2010 semester, I will be teaching WRT 320: Peer Tutoring in Composition and WRT 160: Composition II (Social Science Learning Community/Connections Section).

I am a recent graduate of the Ph.D. program in Rhetoric and Composition at Purdue University. While at Purdue, I served as the Purdue OWL Coordinator, Purdue OWL Webmaster, and as a Technology Mentor in the Introductory Composition at Purdue program.